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  • by Administrator
  • 26-07-2020

Coldwater Springs Business Opportunity 

Coldwater springs is a locally owned BC company Water source is in Merritt BC Water is to be sold in glass bottles in two sizes 325ml and 750ml Water to be sold in 2 formats still and carbonated. Water to be sold in markets where premium water is served..

Restaurants and local eateries along with exported markets where Canadian water has a marketing edge. The water is a perfect alkaline water at 9.51 pH One of the highest natural alkaline waters known.

The water will be sold under the Coldwater Springs name which takes it name from coldwater ranch a locally owned property where the owner has a belief that WATER IS LIFE.

The source water has soft notes that make it unique in its own right.

The production plant will be in Abbotsford BC The water to be drawn daily is 10,000 gallons Production will be matched to this number so as to harvest the water in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The carbon foot print is relatively small as the movement of water Daily is 128 miles from source to the production facility The spring is nestled in a mountain range on a 800 acre ranch protected from outside activities.

World population grows at the rate of 225,000 people a day regions in the world where alkaline water is a common thread for indigenous peoples documenting a longer life span with almost zero disease:

  • Hunza Land Pakistan
  • Rural mountains georgia russia
  • Vilcambamba people in Ecuador
  • Okinawa Japan
  • Mongolia
  • New people discovery in Peru

When looking at this there are two lenses to look through

  • The studies of scientists, and
  • The debunking of the science from the medical profession who in the western world are slow to adopt any prevention methods outside of patented pharmaceutical products that have profit (see attachment)

Although these people have been drinking this water  and have obvious health benefits they have not been clinically tested according to western  medical practises so there is no proof from there point of view this works.

On the other side the scientists are trying to tell otherwise..

Scientists have proven this water has micro clusters and has an energy or a life giving force  yet it falls on deaf ears when presented to the medical profession. This is noteworthy as when researching you will find proponents seeking to pull down evidence from people drinking the water and the correlation to health.

Natural sources of ph  from areas around the world in an alkaline state

  • Hawaii Waiakea pH 8.8
  • New Zealand eternal water pH 8.2
  • Iceland springs pH 8.8
  • Fiji water  pH 7.7
  • Evian water pH 7.2

These region all speak of alkaline water because they believe it has health benefits. There are a growing number of people looking at how alkaline water reduces the acid build up in there bodies.

The body has an ability to buffer what goes into the body but the most important thing is we are 80% water… The oceans are 8.3 ph  if there is a fluctuation the fish die… Our blood is a constant 7.3 to 7.4 the organs have a higher ph tolerance than the blood… Should our blood change by 0.5 we die.

So if we look at that the correlation is balance and high ph water can offset the acidic diets of north america. The biggest factor here is we discharge clear water. If the discharge is coloured it indicates the body is out of balance… Some suggest that drinking alkaline water  offsets the stomach acids  one could also argue why a lemon goes in acidic and changes to alkaline as soon as it enters the body.

Moderation has always been a key factor ant one item done in excess can be harmful but for us looking for health i believe looking to healthy people around the world and seeing what they have been doing for centuries is proof enough water ionizers provide a method of changing tap water to alkaline water and adding baking soda can do the same  but there is no real substitute for natural water from a spring that nature provides thru cascading over minerals and rocks to provide a natural high pH water.

It has a feel  a taste that is unique to that region
Sharing it with others is the life giving gift provided by these regions

Scientists and medical professionals are always going to have opposing views. We as consumers can only choose what we believe to be true.

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